Illuminex is a brand of high quality LED solutions
developed for the Commercial, Industrial and Residential markets.
We service and support Canadian wholesalers.

Spec Sheets

Specification Sheet

Compatibility List | Installation Manual

LED Fixture

LED Flat Panel
Multi-Volt (120-347V)
1x4' 40W 2x2' 40W 2x4' 50W
Installation Instructions -
Universal-Volt (120-277V)
1x4' 40W 2x2' 40W 2x4' 50W
LED Center Basket Troffer (new)
Multi-Volt (120-347V)
2’x2’ 35W 2’x4’ 48W Installation Instructions

Recessed Lighting

LED Slim Panel Downlight
3" 5W 4" 9W 810Lm Pro Series 4" 9W 550Lm Eco Series
6" 12W 8" 18W 12" 24W
4" 9W - Discontinued
Dimmer Compatibility

Linear Tubes

LED T5, T8 Tubes
Direct Replacement (Ballast Compatible)
T5DR 25.5W 4FT T8DR 13W/15W 4FT
T5 Ballast Compatibility T8 Ballast Compatibility
T5 Installation Instructions T8 Installation Instructions

Outdoor Lighting

LED Flood Light
Flood 10W 120V Flood 20W 120V Flood 30W 120V
Flood 50W 120V Flood 100W 347V Flood 150W 347V
Flood 320W 120V - -

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